Musings on Motherhood

My original muses: Courtney & Sloan

I’ve loved photographing this mother-daughter duo over the years as they’ve built their bond, finding their footing in roles as mother, child and distinct individuals. It’s always such a pleasure to be let into the world of the families who honour me with their stories.

I find myself drawn to photographing the things that are pulling at my heart. My career as a photographer began in my early twenties, getting my regular white dress fix through the weddings I was documenting.

Today, my focus is turned towards the relationship of mothers to their children.

Watching through the lens the connection and the push-pull of identity that wants to be its own, but knows this season of tending is short.

I watch because I’m curious. I’m wrestling with my own questions of motherhood and how that becoming will impact my art, the most fundamental pieces of me.

I recently awoke to the realization that I’m afraid to love someone more than my art.  I think that actually means that I’m afraid to love someone more than the deepest reaches of myself.

How do you give yourself over to someone else when you’ve only just learned to belong to yourself wholly?

Candid Mother-Daughter Photograph