Living Inside Your Dreams

We stood ankle deep in the August warmed waters of Lake Ontario, watching the sky turn golden, then pink, then lavender and, finally, twilight blue.

Two little girls in white sundresses splashed carelessly in the surf in front of us.

Their mom with happy eyes and relaxed shoulders, gazed contentedly at her laughing daughters, said to me “you know, even if these photos don’t turn out this was an awesome experience.  I know I’m making memories for my girls.”

I didn’t want to leave the serenity of that moment, and neither did the family I had just made art with.

There was magic in the air that night, and everyone could feel it.

I’m sure when you’re pregnant with your first child you have all sorts of fantasies about what motherhood and life with your child will be like.

The dreams of an experience not yet lived.

I’m sure the reality is different from the dream, many days.

The monotony, the boredom, the exhaustion, the negotiations, the loneliness. 

Standing on the beach, watching those girls joyfully plunge themselves into the warm lake waters, I can only imagine would have been the fulfillment of a mother’s dream.

The shape of them in silhouette.

The privilege of making and sharing their joy.

The simplicity of their need.

The reward of her steadfastness.

An unknown promise that you now know.

This is it!

These are the moments you were waiting for back then.

Stand in the surf and let your heart fill with contentment at their joyful exuberance. 

You are living the dream you once held.

If you’re a sentimental mom like me wanting to capture your child’s special milestones, or just their fleeting “littleness”, fill out my Family Art Plan request.  I’d love to help you craft a vision to preserve the special moments of your family’s life.