A Little Rant About Photoshop

Can I clarify a misconception that keeps coming up?  It’s this idea that editing makes a photograph.  Let me explain with a little more…

I was having a casual conversation with one of my suppliers this afternoon.  I made a comment that I didn’t think my style was well suited to the modern, slick album he was holding.  His response was, “well your editing is very soft and airy so this might be a nice contrast.” While part of this statement is true, the assumption he made about editing mildly irked me. 

Maybe I’m making too much of it (I definitely am!), but it’s a refrain I’ve heard for years. This assumption that the look of my images is a mere trick of a computer edit. A lot of people think the magic of a beautiful photograph lies in the edit. 

In the Photoshopping.

That’s not the case where Dust & Breath is concerned.  My signature style begins well before I pick up a camera, and certainly before I sit in front of the computer.

It begins by walking my clients through styling considerations so they are crystal clear on what everyone should wear, without the stress of indecision.  I actually come to your house and look through your closets to find the perfect pieces for you to be photographed in. Don’t worry, everyone has clothing that will work, they just don’t know it yet.

A hand selected location is the next step.  One left up to me, but in consultation with you.

Finally, and most importantly, hunting for the right light during your shoot.  To the untrained eye, light is light. To me Light is a magical, ethereal force that can turn a homely parking lot or a burnt out field into the most stunning backdrop for your story to unfold.

This is my way of seeing the disparate elements of the world and bringing them together to create my signature style.  Photoshop helps, but only to enhance the beauty that was thoughtfully created.

And if I don’t have your convinced that editing, Photoshopping, is such a tiny piece of the puzzle, take a look at this “before & after”.