A Mother’s Love

Amber & Charlotte

Amber and Charlotte. There isn’t too much that I can say about these two or their photographs that isn’t said better by Amber, so I’m going to let her do the talking.


Melissa, I poured over the pictures last night and was getting teary eyed – for everything that they represented and everything Char and I have had to overcomes in the past few years.


It really is amazing what you can do when kids are involved…things that are so tough and you never thought you could, you do it for them. Sometimes I look at everything that has gone on the past few years and wonder how I am still smiling or happy at all…and it is all because of Char, because I have done it for her. These photos are incredibly symbolic and meaningful. So thank you, they really are special to me.


Amber, I am really happy with how your session worked out. We’re left with a warm and loving image collection of the sweetness and bond between a mother and daughter. No matter where life leads the two of you, you can always rest in the proud knowledge that you created that beautiful little human being; what a great contribution to the world. Good work, mama!