An Expression of Love

Family art makes us feel that we matter.

Framed photo print of Abby and son, Sam.

Of all the artworks I helped families create last year, this one comes to mind most frequently.

The picture of Abby and her son, Sam, really sticks with me. But not because of the dreamy light, the idyllic scenery or the sweetness of the moment captured between a mother and son.

It’s the story behind this picture I treasure most.

It’s the story that Abby shared with me when we selected the image together, a few weeks after the photograph was taken…

Seizing a moment at the very end of our Family Art Session, I asked Sam if he would help me make a very special picture with his mom. I explained that I’d always wanted to make a picture like this, but had never met the right boy to help me.

I told him that I had a feeling he was the special boy I had been waiting for.

When I finally shared this picture with Abby, her eyes filled with tears.

She shared with me her memory of the moment: She saw pride swell within her son at being told he was special. She witnessed the care Sam put into this opportunity to create something beautiful with his mom.

She said I had made him feel important.

I can assure you that my request to Sam was genuine. I meant the words I spoke to him. I really felt he was the “special boy,” and I really did need his help.

I had tried to intentionally pose moms and children like this dozens of times, but the results were always disappointing. Untruthful to the people being photographed.

But this time, the result was a touching, heartfelt gesture of love from a son to his mom.

Sam really was the boy meant for this photograph.

When we make family art together, we’re not just “taking pretty pictures.” We are impressing upon your children that they are special.

When that art adorns the walls of their home, you’re reminding them that they matter.

This is the heart behind every piece of art I create.