Gifts of Significance

Giving family art at Christmas signals importance and meaning.

It’s August, and Christmas looms on the horizon.

At least it is for me. I’m already well into preparations for this year’s Christmas Wish sessions (which a few moms have already asked me about).

As moms prepare kids to head back to school—and perhaps find a sliver of solace in returning to regular routines—the angst of the winter’s onset and the coming holiday season begins to grow for many of us.

This Christmas, many Canadians will feel the extra pinch of inflation this year, on top of the pressure we often feel to select thoughtful, meaningful gifts that embody our love and appreciation for others.

Time to start paying attention and thinking ahead.

My mother always asks me what I’d like for Christmas. This year, it’s tall rubber boots. 

Mundane and a little weird, but if you’ve seen my photography (or read my words), you’ll know that I love an open field more than most. I grew up in the middle of one, after all.

I am itching to spend my Saturdays walking the field behind my home, filling my heart with its sights and sounds. Bringing that beauty into the art I create.

Tall rubber boots will give me the emotional reward of freedom. Plus, the practical reward of my feet staying dry and protected.

Which reminds me that…

It’s not “things” that make us happy.

As I’ve matured, I’ve learned the truth of this cliché.

I have less now than I ever have, and I’m happier than I ever have been. The things I do own are deeply meaningful and point to the values I hold most dear.

The most treasured gifts help us unlock meaning and live our values.

Tall rubber boots might seem like a trivial gift, but I believe they’d help me embrace the abundance of beauty around me, and the healing power of the natural world. It’s not the boots that I value, but rather the personal values they’d help me live out.

Family art makes for gifts that are not only personal, but matter deeply to the recipients.


Family art makes for gifts that are not only personal, but matter deeply to the recipients. Giving your family members—or yourself—framed photographs to display is a gesture of significance.

Family art as a gift of significance.

Family art tells your children the story of belonging in your family, and that they matter.

It expresses your gratitude to a parent who, perhaps, has helped you get through a difficult period, reminding them how essential they still are to you and your family. Their family.

Framed family portraits heighten the pride of grandparents relishing the legacy of several generations captured in one image.

The gift of family art creates togetherness, especially important under circumstances where being together isn’t possible.

Let’s create meaningful gifts together.

Book your free Family Art Plan consultation with me and let’s explore opportunities for to convey significance and meaning to someone dear to you this holiday season. I promise you that the gift of family art will be greater than any bought out of obligation or the urgency of the holiday frenzy.