Framed Art for the Mobile Family

How to have a wall gallery today for your forever home tomorrow.

Lucy had a problem.

Next year, her family of three would move east, into their forever home. But baby Simon was growing fast, and she badly wanted family artwork capturing Simon before at his most cherubic, and framed in a style suited to their current home.

Believing any artwork made today just wouldn’t suit their future permanent home, how could she justify the investment? 

My solution:

A few months before the end of her maternity leave, Lucy contacted me for a Family Art Plan before the chaos of work found her longing for the spacious early days as a family of three.

A fan of warm neutrals, we planned her Family Art session during the tawny, golden days of early April. Care was taken to harmonize the location, time of year, wardrobe and frame selection.

Together, we chose colours and frame finishes that aligned with their personal style instead of matching the trend-of-the-day. This way, their new wall gallery could be transitioned from their current home into their next.

If you select frames that align with who you are and the look you love, then you don’t need to worry about being in your forever home. When you make aesthetic choices from a place that is true to you, it doesn’t matter where you live today, tomorrow or ten years from now. The style will always be yours. Forever.

When you make aesthetic choices from a place that is true to you, it doesn’t matter where you live today, tomorrow or ten years from now.

I loved creating with Lucy.

She understood the importance of celebrating where you are, and who you love, in the here and now.

At one point, her partner asked what they were going to do with these framed pieces if they have another child. “We’ll figure that out later,” she replied. “Right now, I’m obsessed with Simon and want to look at him all day.” 

Tip: Don‘t wait until everything is just as you’ve envisioned it before enjoying what you have today.

Simon will only be this cherub-like for a short time, and he won’t always cling to his mom with all his might. He is changing. Soon nine months will turn to two years, and two years will become ten.

More children might be added and home might be in a different province, but his mom—Lucy—will always have visual proof of her adoration of her sweet blue eyed boy.

This is what Lucy had to say about her experience…

We came to Melissa when our son was about to turn one. I wanted to capture our family as my maternity leave was coming to an end, and our son was about to grow out of the baby stage. We are not a family who regularly poses for photographs, and Melissa made the experience fun and natural. Thanks to Melissa’s artistic talent and advice with selecting the final images and frames, the art pieces turned out better than we could have ever imagined! I stop to admire them every time I walk by. I am so glad we were able to capture our family at this stage of our life, and I will always think fondly of our experience working with Melissa.