Helping Students Commemorate a Milestone

Shooting prom portraits by donation to Dress for Success.

Do you remember your grade eight graduation?

I remember mine.

My friends and I waited until the second day of school to start dreaming of our big event… nine months in the future. 

What would the theme be? What awards would be given? And most importantly: What would we wear?

For me, it was always about the dress. Finally, an opportunity to express myself with fashion!  Wearing a very 90’s plum slip dress from Le Château, I got to step into my own definition of beauty.

This highly anticipated ritual was the highlight of my young life. Saying goodbye to a significant chapter in my story, and marking the beginning of a new adventure.

I’m saddened that this year’s graduating students won’t get the same experience.

At the beginning of COVID-19’s shut downs, I spent a great deal of time licking my wounds. All the plans for Dust & Breath, and life, that had to be put on the back-burner consumed my thoughts and made me anxious.  It wasn’t until chatting with a client that I realized an opportunity to celebrate was right before me.  

My client’s daughter wondered if I would photograph her in her grad dress to mark an occasion that was sure to be canceled in its traditional form.

Grace told me that this was likely her only opportunity to wear the special dress she and her mom had picked out before everyone’s plans were changed.


I jumped on the chance, and we made some beautiful artwork of Grace’s images to celebrate her milestone. 

graduation photo

So, I’ve decided to photograph local grade eight grads for free, with a donation to Dress for Success.

To help restore part of the graduation experience, I’ve partnered with Dress for Success Kingston for a very limited prom photos fundraiser. Does your family or someone else’s have a graduate with a special outfit hanging listlessly in their closet? If you’d like to commemorate their important milestone with some professional portraits, simply sign up for one of the available sessions at this link, then make a donation to Dress for Success (I’d like to suggest $50 or more).

After our prom photo portrait session, you’ll receive a handful of beautiful images to mark your graduates’ milestone. They’ll be yours to share, and I can always provide help and advice on how to turn them into Family Art for your home.

Here’s how it works…

Who: Grade eight graduates

What: Individual portrait sessions, lasting 15 minutes, that will give them lasting memories of their milestone year. Safely done, you can read about my socially distant shooting style.

Where: Location details will be given upon booking, but will be somewhere within the Kingston city limits.

When: Two days only – Monday, June 29 or Sunday, July 5

How: To schedule your graduate’s portrait session, simply book your preferred time here. An email confirmation with details will follow. Alternately, you can contact me here to inquire and ask questions, or email me.