How Seasons Affect Family Art

Subtle changes in nature create drastically different looks.

If you’re like most moms I work with, you want to know that the family art we’ll make together to display in your home will mesh with your choice of décor and personal preferences. The colours and textures of the natural landscapes in which I photograph families change with the seasons, and those changes impact the visual aesthetic of the art we create together.

Which is why—during my Family Art Plan consultations—it’s always important for me to determine which time of year will influence the imagery that will best achieve your desired visual outcome.

Early Spring and Late Fall

March, April and November are the only months I’ll photograph my family.

Although the temperatures aren’t always warm enough for t-shirts and sundresses, the way nature looks during those months gives me the landscape and colour palette that speaks to my heart.

I know that images captured in the early spring or late fall will be full of the warm neutrals that I prefer to decorate my home with. The golds, browns and greys that compliment my taupe wall colour, my rosy velvet curtains and my light oak table.

The sparse landscape of the shoulder season gives me room to breathe and brings more calmness into my surroundings.

I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I have several clients who come back to me year after year, to make art of their families during the spring or fall because they too love warm neutrals, and decorate their homes with them.

Late Spring to Early Summer

The fresh, lush greens and yellows of late spring and early summer offer a rich palette that brings colour and vibrance to home décor. 

As much as I shy away from green in my home decor, many of my clients embrace these colours, most abundant in late May through to early July.

I understand why.

Family art that features green landscapes visually pop off the wall, commanding the attention of guests and family members alike. Consider these examples, above and below.

When we create your Family Art Plan together, I’ll ask you questions to help me determine the most suitable landscape in which to make our imagery, and the best time of year to schedule your session.

Sometimes it even requires a style consultation visit to your home (or a virtual consultation), where we can consider placement of the finished artworks, framing and even wardrobe selections for your photo session together.

My method for creating family art ensures that each piece we make together will be a cherished heirloom that you actually want to display in your home.