Family photographer and artist, Melissa Howlett

Meet Melissa

I’m Melissa, the open hearted artist behind Dust & Breath. Drawing from almost two decades of experience, I create artwork that speaks the truth of who your family is; the connection you share and the beautiful imperfections that make you, you. I won’t settle for hollow representations of what you look like. I hope you won’t either.

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by Melissa Howlett

Photographing the Best You

more than pretty pictures

Feel at ease. Being photographed is a vulnerable experience. I’m asking you to open yourself up to the truth of how I see you and how I see the love your family shares. That level of being seen comes with rewards – open hearted, truthful, timeless photographs – but getting there is an intimidating prospect. One that most people put off year after year. Without the right person behind the camera, you might feel self-conscious, doubtful and insecure. An easy heart is my superpower and, like most superpowers, I can’t quantify or explain it. Instead, I’ll encourage you to sit down with me and decide for yourself: Am I the person to trust with your family’s memories and legacy?

I know how to make things look good when I have a camera in my hand. I know how to seek out the prettiest of light. I can always find the softest of fields and the peachiest of sunsets. I know what overlooked combination of clothing will flatter you and photograph like a dream. Why do you care about this? Well, the taste and vision of the photographer you hire is fundamental to the way they see you and the images they create. Be sure you work with a photographer who sees beauty in the world around her.

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