Milestone Portraits: Stacking Stones for the Future

My daughter turned one on the weekend!

I’ve always been a sentimental person, but motherhood has really magnified my bittersweet nature.

I spent the days leading up to Marigold’s first birthday scrolling through photos and videos from her first weeks of life, remembering just how bewildering and anxiety inducing everything was.

Would we figure out breastfeeding? (we would not)

Would she gain enough weight and clear her jaundice? (she would)

Would I ever feel carefree again? (still waiting on that answer)

I felt regret over not enjoying those first few months as thoroughly as I wish I could have.

I cried tears over my only baby’s transformation from delicate newborn to wild toddler.

In a baby’s first year of life there’s a lot of talk about “milestones”. Smiling, crawling, walking.

“Is she progressing as expected?” was a question I often asked myself.

As mothers we know that a milestone marks a change in development.

But the word “milestone” can also mean a stone serving as a milepost.

In other words, proof of where you’ve come from.

As I look back at snapshots from those early days, I see how much growth both Goldie and I have experienced since her birth.

Those quick pictures on my camera roll serve as the mileposts of our journey as mother and daughter; a journey that was difficult at times, but cumulatively created such beauty.

As I grieved the end of my daughter’s first year, it was important for me to get her into the studio for a milestone session commemorating her first birthday.

I have no doubt that next year, in the days leading up to her second birthday, I’ll look back at these portraits as a reminder of where we’ve come from this year.

They’ll help me grieve and help me rejoice in the beautiful life I get to watch unfold before my eyes.

If you’re a sentimental mom like me wanting to capture your child’s special milestones, or just their fleeting “littleness”, fill out my Family Art Plan request.  I’d love to help you craft a vision to preserve the special moments of your family’s life.