Safely Photographing Family Art Again

As COVID-19 rules loosen, I'm still shooting less and keeping distant during photography sessions.

On Sunday, I had my first family photo session of the season.

It was exhilarating to be out in nature, camera in hand again. I love the presence of it all:  The “being there” with my clients; not thinking about the pains of life or the worries that come with it. Just watching people take off their armour and unfold into love.

But this client was ready.

With social isolation measures loosening and government regulations in eastern Ontario officially allowing photographers – and hair salons – to work and do business again, some families are itching to update the family art in their homes.

I recognize that not everybody is as eager or as ready to be photographed. Especially when the subject of much of the art I co-create with my clients involves photographing children and babies. Teens too. 

 “But Melissa, having your photos taken is probably one of the safest things you could be doing right now.”

This remark made by a friend of mine during a recent discussion about the impact of COVID-19 on professional photographers and my Family Art business. I chuckled at first, but then realized that there’s some truth to it. At least when it comes to how I shoot.  

Why is now is the perfect time to create Family Art for your home?

With so many of our summer plans put on hold indefinitely, this is an ideal time to invest in Family Art for your home. In life before COVID-19, Family Art sessions were tricky to schedule and an investment of time and money. But life has slowed down and priorities have been refocused on home life which makes art work of your family, for your home, especially significant.

If any of this resonates with you I’ll plainly say, now is the time to book your Family Art session with me. You can request your Family Art Plan consultation here.

Life has slowed down and priorities have been refocused on home life which makes art work of your family, for your home, especially significant.


If you’re concerned about the safety of working together, I’m hoping these behind-the-scenes images of me during a recent Family Art session reassure you of my naturally socially-distant photography approach. The style of photographic art that I create lends itself to social distancing in a way that many other photographers can’t boast.

I’ve also chosen to schedule far fewer Family Art shoots this season, so availability is scarce.

Shooting less is just an added precaution because, let’s face it, we’re not out of this pandemic yet! So fence-sitters take note: I’ve already booked nearly all of the Family Art photography sessions I’m able to for the spring through midsummer. If new Family Art has been on your hit list this spring, contact me right away to check my availability. If it’s easier, just email me.

After those unflattering images of me squatting, here’s an example of just how beautiful socially-distant family photography can be.  

I hear hugging is back… within your social circle, of course!