The Must-Have Heirloom Moms Cherish Most

A beautiful and enduring archive for family art.

By far, the Legacy Box is the most popular heirloom in my catalogue.

It’s the item that makes moms sigh, and accounts for half of my sales each year.

The Legacy Box is an elegant 11-inch by 14-inch linen-covered archival treasure chest with a ribbon tie. Nestled within the box are your lushly matted fine art prints.

I love the Legacy Box for both its practical function and its sentimentality. For moms, it becomes a cherished casket of coveted memories to pass on to their children. Something that’s beautiful, enduring and pragmatic.

It’s my favourite family art piece. I’ve even made one for my own self-portraits (more on that in another post).

Why has the Legacy Box has become my most requested heirloom?


Practicality: My clients receive a sizeable quantity of matted prints in a tidy and pretty “container.”

Choice: They can choose to display their matted prints around their home in frames they purchase themselves, or through me.

Variety: When they want to change up their home décor, they can remove the matted prints from the frames and tuck them safely back in their Legacy Box.

Elegance: The Legacy Box is a piece of home décor itself and can be left on display on a bookshelf or mantle.

Joy: My clients tell me their Legacy Boxes have become conversation pieces in their homes, drawing guests and family members in closer to relive the joyful memories.

Legacy Boxes don’t just hold memories. They hold meaning.

I have a client who has purchased two Legacy Boxes, one for each of her daughters. Each year we add a few more portraits to their Legacy Boxes. We are intentionally creating a time capsule of their childhood; a collection of artwork where they are the muses.

We are intentionally creating a time capsule; a collection of artwork where they are the muses.


The care these girls’ mother is taking with their childhood memories only reinforces the place her daughters hold in her life. Their mother plans to give each daughter her Legacy Box on their wedding days.

Can you imagine receiving such a gift?