The Way of Love

My Mother’s Steadfast Hand

My mother was the first love of my life. She’s been there for me, perfectly and imperfectly, through all of it; quietly always there. She’s the one who picked me up at 3am from my first job, the one who sacrificed so I could get my first camera, the one who held me when I was sick or heartbroken, the one who prays for me daily.

I know love because she showed me love.

I took this photograph as it naturally unfolded before my camera. In this image, Ella is slowly gaining confidence in her surroundings, looking for ladybugs in the field. With a loving gesture Ella’s mom, Amy, reached into my frame to connect with and give reassurance to her daughter. Although this wasn’t the photograph I had intended to make, it is so much better. Amy might be nearly invisible, but she’s made her tender and loving mark on her little one.

This photograph illustrates exactly how I feel about the love of my precious mother. Although her words and deeds are invisible to the world, and I’m sure at times she thinks they are to me too, I can always feel her gentle presence in my life. I know she is always there with her quiet and steadfast love.


While this post is a bit of a love letter to my own mother, I want you to know something:

The seemingly invisible work that you do – the pep talks, the chauffeuring, the endless lunch making, the listening – knits together the beautiful human being unfolding before your eyes.