To Build a Home

Marigold's Nursery Tour

“This is a place where I don’t feel alone.
This is a place where I feel at home.
‘Cause I built a home for you,
For me.”

Marigold is three months old now.

These 90 days have been filled with a dizzying number of firsts.

Her first bath… so much screaming.

Her first smile… so beautiful.

Her first full night’s sleep… glorious!

And most recently, her first overnight stay in a hotel.

Last week, needing a change of scenery, our family of three did a little jaunt to Perth for the night.

Marigold did an amazing job sleeping in an unfamiliar place and being dragged around to patios. Her dad and I were so proud of her, but we knew she was getting tired by the time we were driving home.

As we pulled into our driveway, I asked, “Do you think she understands that we’ve been away from home, but that we’re coming back?”

I didn’t have to wonder for long. The moment I carried Marigold across the threshold of her room, her eyes widened and she squealed with delight.

My eyes filled with tears.

My girl knew she was home and she was overjoyed.

Her dad and I had created that place of belonging and ease for her.

In that moment I realized that in preparing a place for her, I’d healed something inside myself.

We both belong within these four walls, and to one another, and to the world at large.

What does this have to do with family art?

The homes we create for our little ones is an outward expression of our love for them. Right down to the art or pictures we choose to adorn the walls or shelves of their nurseries.

If ever I’d thought that my baby—even at three months—couldn’t feel the love I poured into her through making a place for her in our home, she’d now told me otherwise.

I’ve finally found where I belong.