What is a Family Art Plan?

Creating an vision and intention for your home, together.

Dust & Breath artist Melissa Howlett and reviewing printed family photographs together in her studio.

Like many people, I spend most of my days in front of a computer.

I type. I edit. I browse. I glaze over. I get shoulder tension. I visit my physiotherapist.

At the end of the day, I crave the softness of my Topsy Farms blanket on my skin;, the sensation of sunset light on my upturned face; the sound of Donovan Woods ringing through the record player; the heft of a wine glass in my hand; the smoothness of pen to Moleskin journal pages; the beauty of faded rugs on my hardwood floor, and the richness of gilded antique frames on my walls.

Despite living digital lives, we are tangible beings with a hearts hardwired for “real things.”

Family Art: Keeping it Real

That’s why the heart of Dust & Breath is getting your family art displayed in your home. No longer lost in the abyss of hard drives, Facebook posts, or dinky prints tucked into drawers. The beauty of your family, proudly on display creating more meaning and personalization in your home décor.

Real art featuring your family that helps turn your house into a home.

A place where everyone knows they belong.

It all begins with your free Dust & Breath Family Art Plan. In this thirty minute consultation, I visit your home to discuss where we’re going to hang the finished artwork we create together. I guide you through sizing and framing considerations, ensuring that proportions and style are right for you.

Why do we do this before your images are captured?

“If you fail to plan, plan to fail,” is a favourite expression in my family. While that might seem harsh in this context, I can tell you from years of experience that advanced planning with expert guidance makes all the difference in a successful, stress-free photo session. As an artist, having a vision and intention for the artwork I am making is vital.

The Family Art Plan is our co-created vision and intention.

The Real Value? No Surprises.

Knowing, in advance, where your artwork will live ensures that every detail is carefully considered before the camera comes out of the bag. Armed with knowledge, we can craft your session around our goals. Will you be hanging your artwork in your cozy living room, decorated in soft neutrals? Then I’ll choose a location and guide you through styling considerations that reinforce the look and feel of that space. Without the Family Art Plan, we’re driving blind and no one wants that!

During a recent Family Art Plan, it became clear that the best place to hang my client’s final artwork was in their young children’s playroom. With that in mind fun, vibrant clothing was selected. On the day of the session, I worked with the kids bring out their funny, wacky and wild sides. The resulting images were playful, silly and full of motion. Had we not determined, in advance, what the goals of our session were the results would have been different and probably not as successful.

If you’re reading this thinking “I want photographs, but I don’t know what to do with them,” that’s okay! Let me visit your space, ask a few questions, and put together some options. You don’t even have to tidy up 🙂

The family art plan is simple…

Invite me over to see your space and ask some questions about your family and how you live. Then wait for me to put together a plan for how and where we’ll hang the art work we create together. Don’t worry, final decisions aren’t made until you see your finished images.

Learn more and book your free Family Art Plan here.