Why Family Art?

In the blink of an eye they change. Becoming someone new from one day to the next. Life is spent just keeping up – hockey, piano, ballet. It’s impossible to remember all the stages and little pieces that make them, them today.

You can’t stop time, and you wouldn’t want to. You’re excited to see who they are becoming. But you want to remember who they are now. The fluffy baby hair, the chunky thighs, the uninhibited laughter, those beautiful eye lashes. You want to preserve it all.

With photographs that stretch beyond just what people look like, you’re brought back to those moments that, without tangible reminders, would be lost to you. And to them.

So make your memories endure the test of time.

What is Family Art?

We aren’t taking photographs; we’re making art.

The subject of that art is your most treasured gift: Your family. The gallery it hangs in is your home. The entire Dust & Breath experience begins and ends with Family Art. Images that are proudly displayed to create a warm, loving home. A place where all family members know they belong and are cherished.

Let your family photographs be love letters to your children.

Personal Words

" Melissa has an amazing ability to see and capture the beauty around her. She is a delight to work with and always puts my family and I at ease. We have Melissa’s artwork displayed in our home, and it brings me joy daily." - Pamela
" After Melissa created our family artwork, I regret not making it a priority sooner. It would have been nice to have images of the girls both when they were little and now that they’re older. I’m so happy we finally did it!" - Wendy
" Melissa’s wall collage in our living is my favourite part of our home! The kids feel a sense of belonging; that they are loved and significant. Everyone tells us how beautiful the pictures are." - Amy
Amy's Session
" Whenever I recommend Melissa, I always explain how involved she is in the whole process. I look back on our past photos and realize our outfits didn’t go together. We just showed up for the shoot and we didn’t look right. It’s so much more professional with Melissa, because she coordinates everything – from location to clothing – right from the start." - Leanne
" I often get teary-eyed looking at our pictures. They are incredibly symbolic and meaningful. Thank you, Melissa. They really are special to me." - Amber
Amber's Session
" For over ten years, Melissa has been creating cherished artwork for me. As a mother, I know how important it is to capture fleeting moments, and I am forever grateful that I can relive them so wonderfully through her photography. Melissa has serious talent, and that is evident by her work." - Katie
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by Melissa Howlett

Our Name: Dust & Breath

Each person is significant. Dust & Breath comes from Genesis 2:7. When God created humanity he formed the dust of the earth and breathed into it his own breath. As created beings we are the dust of the earth, yet we carry the very breath of God. From dust we came and to dust we shall soon return, life it short. Yet we were formed by God, given the breath of life and bear his very image.

Although our lives on earth are short, they matter. Each person is significant.

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