Why Many Moms Don’t Make Family Art

The one worry that prevents more moms from commemorating the beauty of their children than any other.

One of the most common fears preventing moms from making family art is that their kids won’t behave.

“My kids are too wild!”

“They won’t listen.”

“They move too quickly for you to photograph them.”

I know they’re wild and I don’t care. In fact, I love it.

Family art photography sessions always feel like chaos to parents, but to me, they’re “just another day at the office.” They see kids not paying attention, misbehaving, not being still. I see things very differently.

Truth is, the better behaved kids are, the harder it is for me.

My job is to capture glimpses of a child’s real personality. Usually that doesn’t come out when they’re on their best behaviour. 

I’m inspired by your child’s inner world; their spontaneity and weirdness. Those characteristics are on display when I give them the freedom to just be themselves.

It only takes a fraction of a second to create a beautiful, honest image of your child.

Setting the stage that allows that moment to unfold is a skill I’ve honed for decades. The light, the emotion and movement, and the camera settings are technical aspects that I have at my fingertips. But they don’t require long periods of stillness or “good behaviour” from your child.

So, what’s this worry really about?

Like most moms, you’ve tried to photograph your kids, only to walk away irritated, without anything pretty to show for it. You’re worried that I’ll be just as frustrated as you, and you’d rather spare me the hassle than attempt it again.

You crave the assurance that our time together pays off with beautiful artwork that showcases your precious children as themselves; the most beautiful version of that self.

Let their wildness out. I’ll transform it into beauty.

And, I’ll even capture the moments in between the chaos—the ones that you missed while demanding they get off their brother—where their light shines brightest and truest.

Below are some favourites of mine from summer 2021.

For both the beauty of the chaos, and the gorgeous quiet moments I found in between.

Are the same fears preventing you from exalting your children on the walls of your home?

Let’s talk. Book your free, no obligation Family Art Plan consultation now, and let me share stories and images of the wildest photo sessions I’ve ever done, so you can see the many magical, hidden moments I’ve captured by allowing kids to be their weird, squirrelly selves.